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My interview with Blue Eyed Grass when they came to Marshall University


You know you're from Colorado when . . . ., McFly's New CD Radio:ACTIVE, Instant Star's Swan Song and Blue Eyed Grass.

Show Notes

Blue Eyed Grass

The Coal Festival, Camp Rock: Brilliant or Bust?, Get Smart and Persepolis Show Notes: Camp Rock Get Smart Official Site Persepolis at Amazon

Hey Guys! I'm back! I'm sorry for taking so long, my of my relatives recently passed away, that's what this podcast is all about, feel free to take a listen if you've ever been there, or if you just wanna know what its like.


Introductions, a high-tech furby, and Instant Star! Also, akward lead-ins for breaks, ignore those.

Show Notes:

I'm going to put links to where I got the info about the stories I talked about here.

Haptic Creature

Boston's New Lead Singer

Instant Star's Official Site on The N

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